Our Code

The indigenous San people stop before killing an animal. They believe that their souls has to catch up with them after hunting, and that only a complete human being can kill with respect to the animal. We too believe that a moment's pause should be adhered to. In the San language:

"X'uruma X'aititi" - "Wait a little".


Respect towards all forms of life and honest and fair hunting form the foundation of our philosophy.

Practically, this translates to:

We aim to have every stranger leave as a friend that thinks back fondly on their time in Namibia.

We are as proud of our guests' trophies as they are, and would therefore not allow the hunting of an animal that we wouldn't like on our own walls.



Cotton pants and shirt, woollen pullovers and a jacket. Hiking shoes, good socks and a hat. For the times when you're not hunting, something comfortable and a bathing suit. We offer a daily laundry service free of charge. Guests should remember to bring cameras, binoculars and sunscreen.



We recommend 30:06 as minimum caliber.

While we do possess rental weapons, we always recommend using your own, personal weapon.

Recommended weapons:
Federal Trophy Bonded
Norma Oryx
Nosler weapons
Hornady weapons